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Pioneer Of Coffee Culture offering Barista Frappe Coffee, Roasted Coffee Powder, etc.

Although, India stands sixth in the list of the largest coffee producers in the whole world. But, as things changed, Indians adapted themselves with globalization and now more Indians are turning to coffee to fuel their workday. The beginning of the millennium brought with it cafes culture. It was then, the quest of our company, Barista Coffee Company Limited began as a manufacturer and supplier of Barista Frappe Coffee, Roasted Coffee Powder, Instant Hot Chocolate Premix Powder, Instant Coffee Powder and many more varieties. In addition, our brand, Barista offered Coffee Mug, Choco Chip Cookies, Choc O Affair Chocolate, Instant Masala Tea Premix, Lemon Iced Tea, etc.

Impressing clients is not easy. But with our unwavering commitment to maintain high quality products, always with the hearts of our esteemed clients. For this reason, we also follow customer-focused approaches and remain in contact with our esteemed clients to well-understand their requirements and then fulfill those with all our capabilities.

Employee Contentment

Contentment can be easily calculated using surveys. And, when it comes to measuring customer contentment, calculating employee satisfaction is essential. It is because both these are directly proportional to each other. Therefore, we, at our company, leave no stone unturned to satisfy the requirements of our employees. To ensure the same, we hold training sessions for them to polish their skills, conduct team building exercises, etc. Consequently, we are able to retain a team of 500 employees. With their assistance, we have made it possible to bring the coffee cafes culture to India. Thus, establishing a large clientele.

Franchise With Us

There is no denying the point that good experiences, like good coffee, tastes the best when shared. If you wish to be a part of the Barista family, then collaborating with us is the right choice. Making alliances with us provides our clients a great opportunity to be a part of the growing coffee community. In addition to the stirring strong relations and reinforcing customer loyalty is, joining forces with us provides some amazing advantages:

  • Brand lineage
  • Scalability
  • Ease of operations
  • Best investment opportunity, etc.